Leaning Down on Holiday

How to enjoy holiday without gaining to much weight, or even leaning down while eating out and having drinks...
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Fitness Myths Debunked

Train in low reps for strength, do cardio for fat loss, sit ups to get a flat belly and lifting weights will make you bulky. Five myths debunked...
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Muscle Building Science

How do you build muscle? Do you even build muscle or does something else happen in the muscle cells...
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Strategic Cardio and HIIT

How and when exactly to do cardio. Most people just need to adjust their diet instead of running a marathon everyday...
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Founder of GT Fitness


Hi there,
my name is Glenn Theunissen. I'm an entrepreneur, personal trainer and life coach. To learn more about GT Fitness or me, check out the about page!

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  • Personalised workouts
  • Nutritional advise
  • Online client consultations
  • Complete E-book programs
  • GT Fitness apparel

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