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Muscle Building

The science behind weight lifting and building muscle In the article about strength training I mentioned some things about the science of muscle building and how it works, well here’s the article about the “Why” behind my training methods. Muscle building and strength training go hand in hand. If you bring up your strength on […]

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Fitness Myths

Top five fitness myths busted and dusted In this article I will debunk the five fitness myths I hear the most in the gym. Myths and bro-science tales are all based on either a marketing idea for the fitness industry to make money off of, or misunderstood research. But I’ll do my best to explain to […]

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Strategic Cardio and HIIT

How and when to do cardio I’ve had a few request about cardio but most of the people asking just had to adjust their eating patterns. For the people that want to do cardio or who have to lose a bit more fat, here’s how to do it! Cardio is – just like working out […]

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In order to help you build your physique, get fit or just start living a healthier life, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:

Training and Nutrition Plans
Customized training and nutrition plan, tailored to your want and needs. We can build on your current routine or start you off fresh and write up another plan to switch to after a foundation is built.
Premium Online Coaching
It's like having a Personal Trainer at your beck and call, use e-mail or our app to contact your trainer at any time. Ofcourse this includes all the workout routines and nutrition plans you need during the coaching period.
E-books about training and nutrition
Download one of our E-books to learn about the methods we use and start writing your own programs and nutrition plans. You won't even need us anymore, and for the price of a quick dinner, what have you got to lose?


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