Strategic Cardio and HIIT

How and when to do cardio

I’ve had a few request about cardio but most of the people asking just had to adjust their eating patterns. For the people that want to do cardio or who have to lose a bit more fat, here’s how to do it!

Cardio is – just like working out – a means to an end. You can use it to speed up fat loss or you can use it to improve cardiovascular fitness. Run faster, longer and get leaner those are the possible outcomes you get from doing cardio. However sometimes I like to go out for a run, not to lose fat or increase endurance but just to go out and run a couple of miles. Whenever you are doing any physical activity or exercise your body will release chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain and reduce you perception of pain and will also make you feel good by triggering positive feelings in your body. It will make you feel great, going out for a morning jog on the beach, in the forest or a high-intensity run in the hills. Trust me, it’s a great start of your day, or after a long day of work, it’s a great way to wind down and relax.

For the recreational runner however there’s nothing to know, go out for a run on your own pace and make sure you don’t run for more than an hour if you’re not training for a marathon. For the people on the fat loss journey, those people looking to get fit, read on to learn more about strategic cardio.

Traditional Cardio

First thing you need to know about traditional cardio, it takes up way too much time in relation to the results you get. To be clear, running on a treadmill one hour a day five days a week works, it really does. But who wants to waste all their time in the gym running every day. A better way might be to implement strategic cardio. But if you don’t want lose a lot of fat, if you only want to burn a few more calories each week there’s a better way of doing this.

On your rest days you could go or a hike, swimming or go cycling. Sometimes, instead of getting in your car and driving somewhere nearby, get up earlier and walk or cycle to work or the grocery store. These little things tend to add up very fast. Plus, this way you can get away with eating all that cake or drinking that alcohol at last week’s party.

Cardio for fat loss

For the people who have to incorporate cardio to speed up fat loss, here’s what strategic cardio is all about and how you can use it to lean down and burn off the pounds in a more effective way. Let’s take the treadmill as an example, start out with HIIT for 10-15 minutes, followed up by 10-20 minutes of slow paced cardio with your heart hate in the ‘fat burning zone’. This way you will first release the energy stored in fat cells and with the slow cardio you will burn them, makes sense right?

In the first 10-15 minutes you will be doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which will consist of short walks/jogs and jogs/sprints. You can play around with the duration but I recommend you start out with two minutes of walking and then jog for one minute. When it gets easier replace 10 seconds of jogging with sprinting so it will be 110 seconds slow and 70 seconds fast. This might become too easy really fast and then you will just be jogging the first 10 minutes, if this is the case you will start out with the a jog for the slow 100 seconds followed by a sprint for 20 seconds. You can use the same progression model, moving ten seconds from the slow to the fast but there’s a limit here. The day you reach 60 seconds for both jogging and sprinting is the day you have beaten my system. The good news however is that you will be ripped by now and you won’t have to do any cardio with the right nutrition knowledge.

There you have it, how to cardio the smart way. If you have any questions let me know and when you’re ready to take it to the next level check out my personal coaching page. I will personally set up a workout routine and nutrition plan specifically for you and help you get to your goals faster! Have a great week everyone!

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